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  Flow Control Valves – Swivel
Mainly used for measuring rate flow of liquied or gases in pipes.The metering tube Shielded from all sides from all sides with clear front & rear visibility Gland packing construction provided tension free tube installation and perfect stopages of leaking.
° Various material of construction - C.S, SS-304 ,SS-316 ,P.P., HDPE ,Ptef or PP lined.
° Flanged or Screwed or Hose connections.
° Available from 15 MB to 100 NB pipes size and Ranges berween 15 to 15,000 LPh of water ambient temperatuure.
° End connection ratatable through 360 .

No threads in body, avoid corrosion.

° Linear Scale having Accuracy + 2% FSD
  Flow Control Valves – Swivel

It is precision machined from Imported Transparent solid Acrylic Block Tapering tube is done by special tools. Scale directly Engraved on body.


It is mainly used for water, Saline Water , Air , Nitrogen ,Hydrogen , Natural gases.


Available from 15 to 150 NB pipes Size and ranges between 15 to 40,000 LPH water of ambient temp


Limitation -Max.50 C .temp. fluid

  Flow Control Valves – Swivel

Are designed for safe & Positive visual indication of liquid level in vessels under high pressure & Temperature conditions in Petrochemicals , Fertilizers ,Pharmaceuticals and Chemical industries involving inflammable toxic liquids.

In Reflex level gauge ,the glass has precision groves cut on its inner side .When light strikes on glass cover by liquid is absorbed into the liquid & makes this portion black . Where as light covering the vapour space is reflected back & makes this silver white. It is mainly used for colourless liquid.

In Transparent Level Gauge, the glasses are without grooves and arranged at the front & rear of a slotted liquid Chamber .It is mainly used for coloured liquid ,Steam -Water level measurement.


Both can be available in 3000 mm in Single piece length.

° Imported /Indigenous Glass on request.
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